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Daily News Brief on Rakhine State Affairs 05/03/2018

Fifth batch of youth volunteers arrives in Sittway
Sittwe, March 1

The fifth group of Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development in Rakhine (UEHRD) youth volunteers, who arrived in Sittway, was welcomed by officials on morning of 1 March.
The fifth batch of volunteers comprising 53 people from Yangon and Mandalay is divided into two groups and is participating to provide aid to villagers in Maungtaw and Buthidaung.
The youth volunteers will leave for Buthidaung by an express vessel on the morning of 2 March and will conduct field assistance programmes in the villages of the region.
Young people have volunteered to deliver aid to villages in Maungtaw, Rakhine State, under a programme of the UEHRD. In Maungtaw, the UEHRD volunteers went to villages in Ngwetaung, Thayagone, Ywarthayar and Thittaw and provided the villagers with rice, oil, salt, fish cans, onions and potatoes. Milk powders were also provided for children aged between six months and two years.
The fifth batch of youth volunteers will carry out humanitarian assistance programmes in the villages of Buthidaung and Maungtaw townships until 12 March.
— Han Linn Naing (Sittway Sub-printing House) , Hein Htet Zaw, The Global New Light of Myanmar

Meeting held for implementing development in Rakhine
Naypyitaw, February 28

The Committee for Implementation of the Recommendations on Rakhine State held its meeting at the Ministry for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement on 28 February.
At the meeting, Union Minister and Committee Chairman Dr. Win Myat Aye said the committee will closely follow the recommendations of the advisory board to provide long-lasting solutions to problems in Rakhine State. He noted Rakhine State was facing obstacles to its development, human rights, security and equality. The union minister said if these hardships are resolved, then lasting peace will be possible in Rakhine.
The union minister said that Rakhine was being given priority because it was one of the least developed states; however, the development of human rights is being pursued equally throughout the country. He said the union government is drafting laws and amending the existing ones to ensure equal human rights for all. He said the government is working to accelerate the national verification process and rehabilitation of the afflicted people. He said all the responsible ministries should announce their progress and plans to the public to improve transparency.
The union minister said he had discussed with the Ministry of Home Affairs about reducing travel restrictions in Rakhine State, in addition to national verification cards for people living there.
He said work on the border fence was almost completed and improved security measures were being undertaken. He said returnees to Rakhine need to be carefully checked and development plans in the state must be conducted in a transparent manner.
The first report on the progress in Rakhine has been announced to the public, and these reports will be given once every four months, he said. He then invited the public and other ministries to provide feedback on their progress.
—MMA, The Global New Light of Myanmar

Myanmar-Bangladesh battalion commander level meeting held Friday
Maungtaw March 3

The Myanmar-Bangladesh battalion commander level meeting was held in Ghumdhum Border Observation Post (BOP) at border post 31/1 in Bangladesh on 2 March.
Matters relating to people remaining illegally near the border, arrangements for joint patrols, and exchanging news and information on occurrences along the border on a real-time basis were discussed during the meeting.
As per the bilateral agreement, Myanmar had kept in readiness the Taung Pyo Letwe and Nga Khu Ya Reception Centres, as well as the Hla Pho Khaung Transit Centre, since 23 January. Arrangements for the board and lodging, water, electricity and health care requirements of the returnees were also made. Diplomats, United Nations organization officials, local and foreign reporters, members of the Committee for Implementation of Recommendations on Rakhine State and the British Foreign Secretary had also visited and reviewed the arrangements.
—MNA, The Global New Light of Myanmar

Development Status of Roads and Bridges in Rakhine State
March 5

“The transportation sector in Rakhine state has been significantly developed within two-year period under the new regime. Moreover, the road and bridge sector will be remarkably improved during the coming three year period in the whole Rakhine State.”
The full article can be seen on today Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper.
—Kyaw Linn (Construction), Global New Light of Myanmar


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